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Reducing the stress doctors have about their money, so they can live their ideal life.

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You've worked too hard and sacrificed so much to get to this point in life to still be anxious about your finances. You deserve a dedicated financial team to help and serve you just like you help and serve your patients.

Challenges You May Be Facing

Residents, Fellows, & Students

Residents, Fellows, & Students

  • No time to focus on their finances while in training
  • Trying to balance managing their debt and housing payments on the lower income while in training
  • No structure on how to save money for their future
  • Not taking advantage of their lower tax bracket in training
  • Not protecting their future income from threats
Attendings &#38;<br/>Associates

Attendings &

  • Overspending with new attending income
  • Falling victim to chasing trendy investments
  • Reacting to life where everything seems urgent and important
  • No strategy to pay off debt or save money for emergencies
    and opportunities
  • Leaving themselves exposed to unnecessary risks
  • No plan on where to put their money


  • Not sure how to start planning to protect, grow, and eventually sell the practice on their terms.
  • Using the practice to run all of your personal expenses through, creating a dependence on owning the practice
  • Relying on the future sale of the practice for retirement 
  • Not insuring the cash flows of the practice

Live Your Ideal Life



Clarity about where you

want to go and what it's going
to take to get there.



Security of knowing your
plan is designed for
the worst case scenario.



Confident that your plan is
designed to help you realize
your full economic potential.

Florida Medical Advisors can help bring you financial freedom
through strategic planning.
We work with medical & dental professionals at all stages of their careers
to help them make GREAT financial decisions.

It’s that simple.

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Step 3:
Begin the journey
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After discussing your goals and
plans, we will talk about what will
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