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Residents, Students & Fellows

Residents, Students & Fellows

  • No time to focus on their finances while in training
  • Trying to balance managing their debt and housing payments on the lower income while in training
  • No structure on how to save money for their future
  • Not taking advantage of their lower tax bracket in training
  • Not protecting their future income from threats
Attending & Associates

Attending & Associates

  • Overspending with new attending income
  • Falling victim to chasing trendy investments
  • Reacting to life where everything seems urgent and important
  • No strategy to pay off debt or save money for emergencies
    and opportunities
  • Leaving themselves exposed to unnecessary risks
  • No plan on where to put their money
Practice Owners

Practice Owners

  • Not sure how to start planning to protect, grow, and eventually sell the practice on their terms.
  • Using the practice to run all of your personal expenses through, creating a dependence on owning the practice
  • Relying on the future sale of the practice for retirement 
  • Not insuring the cash flows of the practice

Our first priority is helping you take care of yourself, your family and your business. 

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