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Growth Planning Process

Our Practice Growth Planning Process

Step 1 - Schedule a Checkup

Every practice and every practice owner is unique, and thus our process is designed to flexibly accommodate each owner’s unique vision for their future and fact pattern in the present. In order to provide an accurate and customized proposal for the type of planning your situation requires, our process begins with a complimentary consultation around your current business planning goals and the basic data required to populate the four domains of your Business’ Balance Sheet.

Step 2 - Run a Diagnostic

No matter how you plan your personal finances, an increased business value can help to make the outcome better for you. That said, there are four interdependent financial domains that impact your current and future business value. Your Business Balance Sheet will allow you to see your business in one view, so that you can clearly assess how different financial strategies will affect its value.

Step 3 - Treatment Plan & Implementation

After determining an area of focus, we will evaluate potential solutions, measure them and provide you with recommendations. When we have determined a course of action, we will help you coordinate with tax and legal professionals if needed to execute the recommendations.

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