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Retirement Income Planning

Thirty years ago most people retired with a pension and Social Security - and confidence that they'd never have to worry about income in retirement. Today retirees must rely on the assets they've accumulated during their working years to provide income during their golden years. But how do you turn assets into cash flow that will last as long as you do during a retirement fraught with risk and uncertainty?

We have been answering these questions for our clients for years using a process that is different from other investment professionals. While others may focus on maximizing returns and taking more risk, we focus on how to maximize the income from your assets while decreasing your risk. This requires a balance of both art and science - providing streams of income that last for clients despite the uncertainty of not knowing how long they'll live, what the stock market will do, what interest rates or taxes will be, whether they'll get sick along the way, or if unexpected liquidity needs might arise. While the financial landscape is different today, the hope of a confident retirement doesn't have to be.

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